Happy birthday, Rob Guerrero!

Rob turned 32 a few days ago, and decided to celebrate with a little session.


Dessert full online video.

The Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and now Dessert is the best online rollerblading video series. Also the most consistent with great skating from John Lyke and Mike Dempsey. Really worth the watch.

So, just enjoy it.

Also, the first three releases in the series.




Water by Vincent Lindgren.

Viking and Samurai shredding featuring Fredrik Andersson,  Shō Suzuki, Shintaro Nakayama, Peter Kallio, Nicklas Persson, Frederik Kofoed-Sørensen, Jacob Højmark-Christensen, Robert Juhas, John Lönngren, Johan Svensson, Yuto Suzuki, Tomohisa Hayakawa, Keita Kuni, Yutaro Marumoto, Gabriel Gök, Nick Lomax, Marc Moreno and Michel Prado.