Confirmed: Montre no longer with SSM

Hate to say I told you so, but it’s all over now, you know it.

If you’re pissed off about something your employer did, don’t vent on Facebook, or you’ll get fired through a press release. Well, that’s if your employer is Brian Shima, says Montre Livingston, again on his FB account.

Here’s the press release:

Montre Livingston has been partnered with Shima Skate Manufacturing since day one; indeed, he was the first rider Brian Shima hired on his previous company NIMH.
Montre proves to be one of the most talented skaters of his time over and over, however, it is now time for Montre to embark on a new adventure and seek out new challenges to achieve the things he wants and needs to achieve separately from SSM.

We love and respect Montre and hope he is able to gain all the things he deserves. We know he will continue to kick ass and accomplish the unexpected just as he always has.
Thanks for the good times and all the hard work.

And then there’s what the nice and civil press release didn’t tell us anything about , though:

I hope someboy finally decides to tell the rollerblading community who didn’t pay who for what. Only thing known, and that is too ‘through the grapewine’, is that Shima forgot to pay Montre for his pro skate, and didn’t pay denial for the wheels that were put on the skate, too.

Bad Shima, bad bad! We still don’t know for certain what has already happened in court between Shima and Jon Elliott, or  is yet to happen, but let’s keep our fingers crossed, and watch out for clone nicknames on the Be-Mag messageboard.


2 thoughts on “Confirmed: Montre no longer with SSM

  1. who the FUCK do you all tink you are for talkin shit bout shima. you dont know the fuckin story bout shit soo stop puttin words in other peoples mouth. ya faggots.

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