Denial’s Killgore about the SSM-Denial controversy….

Reposted from the be-mag messageboard and my topic….

1…. What in the ENTIRE fuck is ‘facebook professionalism’???

2….. Me and JonJon are 100% straight… thats my lil brother for life…

3….. At this point of time, i don’t have a relationship at all with Shima, be it friendship or business… He’s ruined that with this bullshit.

The whole story is too long to type. But basically.. Montre is one of the BEST skaters in the world, He is marketable beyond belief and he DESERVES to be paid what he is worth… and treated like a ‘franchise skater’ you could say.

I can say to this day Montre still hasnt been compensated in full for his royalties for his pro skate….. and thats unacceptable.

There is ALOT more to the story that i wont ‘air out’… i haven’t said anything that shouldn’t have been stated.

PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW WHO AND WHAT THEY ARE SUPPORTING…. when you buy Montre’s pro skate… you think you are supporting Montre… and you aren’t.


much love to all of you! keep supporting montre.. and until business is made correct i will continue to let rollerbladers know SSM is FRAUD and they shouldn’t support it. BOTTOM LINE.


One thought on “Denial’s Killgore about the SSM-Denial controversy….

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