Evil never dies.

A home video made by Devan Stewart.

Even if it was actually released on DVD and sold anywhere, I doubt the kids made any money on it.

Why, you ask.

Quite simple, it’s a video of a group of very image concious rich kids rollerblading in vests. And  not really rollerblading that well.

Good taste in music and sticking your toungues out with an occasional flipping off the camera doesn’t constitute a good rollerblading DVD.

However, there are plus sides to the video.

They do look like they’re having fun with it, the skating, the lifestyles of the young and the wreckless in expensive european cars.

The camera work and the editing is good, no retarded effects or shaky shots. OK, maybe a few.

As I already wrote, the music is good.

And there’s the Travis Rhodes section. This is the reason all the filler is worth it. Travis is an awesome skater and his section is top notch.

In the end, I am looking forward to a new release in a year or two when their skating gets a lot better, as I am sure it will. After all, they will be out of puberty, I guess.



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